I am the Darkness


“I am the Darkness” follows the hidden war between the Tenebrae and the Lumen, supernatural beings that can utilize the powers of the shadows/darkness and the Light respectively. When a catastrophic event destroys human civilization on Earth, returning it to primitive levels, the humans on Earth will be inadvertently dragged into the war as bargaining chips as Joseph McPherson and many other cryogenic test subjects in Intermine Laboratories find that their destinies may be intertwined with that of the four dimensions bordered with Earth. Season one of the series has completed and may be found via YouTube. Season two of the series is due to release Spring 2013. The Novels, written by James Herd will be announced at a later date.

Season One: //Tenebrae

Test 001: Inside the Shell

Test 002: Freedom, at Last!

Test 003: The Nox

Test 004: The Line in the Sand

Test 005: Westward Bound

Test 006: The Memories of the Ocean

Test 007: Losses and Triumphs

Test 008: Take what you Want

Test 009: Firehouse Ballet

Test 010: Finale ~Hinoiri Rising~

Season Two: //Nox

Test 011: Two Years Gone

Test 012: The World at Rest

Test 013: Take me as I am

Test 014: Return to the Past

Test 015: The Clock Tower

Test 016: The Calm before the Storm

Test 017: The Sanctum of the Stars pt. 01

Test 018: Sorrow in the Sky

Test 019: The Domino Effect

Test 020: The Sanctum of the Stars pt. 02

Test 021: The Sanctum of the Stars pt. 03

Test 022: The Sanctum of the Stars pt. 04

Test 023: Bathed in the Fire

Test 024: Enter the Gala

Test 025: Finale ~The World Without You.


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