For Tomorrow

For Tomorrow is a series that rests alongside “I am the Darkness” as Intermine Studios’ sophomore production. It focuses on a world not too different from our own, where tyranny is allowed to run rampant throughout. Alexander Sartor is a normal boy living in a “One World” occupied village, though he doesn’t yet know that he will impact the world in a way that will change the future for better or for worse, depending on your perspective.

A Tale of Rebellion

Tale 001: “…and so our Tale begins…”

Tale 002: “…and in the end, Nothingness…”

Tale 003: “Your Burdens are Mine to Carry”

Tale 004: “When will we see the Light?”

Tale 005: “Memento Mori; remember you are Mortal”

Tale 006: “I will protect you for the rest of my Days”

Tale 007: “Save me, and then Kill me”

Tale 008: “Blood is Thicker than Water…”


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